Vision Premium Ingredients

Marigold Flower (Lutein-Rich)- Vision Premium Ingredient
Marigold Flower (Lutein-Rich)

The marigold flower is rich in lutein, a powerful carotenoid renowned for safeguarding ocular tissues. Lutein acts as a protective shield against solar radiation and oxidative damage, preserving and enhancing optimal vision while also promoting overall eye health.

Quercetin - Vision Premium Ingredient

Recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties, quercetin aids in reducing inflammation within the eye, protecting its pathways from potential infections, and significantly improving vision.

Bilberry (Antioxidant-Rich) - Vision Premium Ingredient
Bilberry (Antioxidant-Rich)

Bilberry is esteemed for its anti-inflammatory traits and high antioxidant content. It soothes eye tissues, diminishes inflammation, and detoxifies ocular systems, contributing to overall eye health.

Grape Seeds Vision Premium Ingredient
Grape Seeds

Grape seeds act as a protective barrier, bolstering the eye's defense mechanisms by strengthening intestinal walls to ward off harmful microorganisms that may impair vision. Moreover, they collaborate with other ingredients to fortify the eye's natural defenses against inflammation.

Taurine- Vision Premium Ingredient

Taurine, an essential amino acid, plays a pivotal role in enhancing circulation to ensure robust blood flow to the eyes. This facilitates the delivery of vital nutrients crucial for optimal eye function, thereby supporting healthy vision.

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